Tuesday, April 20, 2010


First off, big thanks to Leon Butler who's made the blog all pretty and shiny! You can check his video and graphic design work here and his awesome band Disconnect 4 here.

First off, Frightened Rabbit, for anyone who missed this a while back, I though twould be a shame no to give it another little push, the more FR fans in the world, the better. Their third album the Winter Of Mixed Drinks came out in March. I've just had another listen through to it. It's great altogether.

Frightened Rabbit - Living In Colour Alt

Paul Weller, of The Jam, Style Council and, well, Paul Weller has a new album out, and guess what? It's bloody brilliant! The modfather himself has surpassed all expectations and frankly blown everyone away with a soulful rock n' roll record that I can't really describe, it's just very nice to listen to. Wake Up The Nation is out now and Paul will be headlining to wonderful Sea Sessions festival in Bundoran in Donegal, June 25th - 27th

Paul Weller - No Tears Left To Cry Alt

Finally, Holy Fuck. If I was in a band I'd never have the balls to put a swear word in the name. What would I tell my Granny I do? She'd probably still be lovely about it but I really couldn't bring myself to tell her my band was called Holy Fuck no matter how good my latest album was. But in saying that their new album is fantastic. Latin will be out May 11th. Also, if you get a chance to catch them on the festival circuit this summer then go along. I saw them at Oxegen a few years back. So very good indeed.

Holy Fuck - Red Lights Alt

The photo attached is a photo from Sea Sessions last year near the mini ramp (which I hurt myself on) looking out over the bay. We had the most loveliest weather and spent all of the last day there on the beach, jumping from little cliffs into a lovely wee lagoon. Plus it's Donegal and all the people are lovely. Just watch out for Northern Buckie, it's in a green bottle and tastes like piss.

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