Friday, April 9, 2010

Live stuff, Irish Music and Substance on Tour!

Substance is on tour! We're playing a secret location tonight, it's gonna be mega! I've posted a few songs we'll be playing, Buckfast ahoy!

But first! If you're staying behind in Galway, check out the delightful post-rock shoegaze sounds of Butterfly Explosion in Roisin Dubh with support from local rock n' roll superstars Lost Chord. Also, anyone catch O Emperor last night? Really really good band! If they manage to capture anything of last night's show on record for their debut (out on Universal believe it or not) it'll be a serious contender for Choice Music Prize 2010. Speaking of, gonna go way out on a limb here and throw down a few albums I reckon are down there already.

Cast Of Cheers - Chariot
Redneck Manifesto - Friendship
So Cow - Meaningless Friendly
Fionn Regan - The Shadow Of An Empire
Humanzi - Kingdom Of Ghosts
Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History

And ones I've heard bits from ...either that or chances are the album is gonna be amazing

Adebisi Shank - ???
Villagers - Becoming A Jackal
Not Squares - ???
O Emperor - ???

Maybe The Waterboys/Mike Scott/Yeats poetry thing? Or The Chieftans and Ry Cooder's album. They're both on the "to listen to" list, will be posting about them soon.

So back to what I was originally posting, a few tunes I'll probably play tonight

Ian Brown - F.E.A.R (UNKLE Remix) Alt ....New U.N.K.L.E album due out soon, I'll post something once I get my hands on anything

Robert Miles - Children Alt classic, I've never played it before, just decided to blast it about the apartment this morning. Don't care what anyone says, it's a classic!

Joy Division - Shadowplay Alt ....In the centre of the city in the night!

Quite the mismatch post today, as an "and finally", I've just come across this band called Worrier from Milwaukee. Their debut album is available for download (and listen to all of) here for just €5. It's out on Richter Collective, who can simply do no wrong, a pretty much flawless lineup!

As I said earlier, Buckfast ahoy!

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