Friday, April 23, 2010


New stuff, and before I start, apologies for the poor quality of M.I.A and Gogol's tunes, sometimes it's a battle between "the quality is shit" and "the tune is too effing good not to post". They're 128 kbps, I'll repost them once I have better quality versions, and of course it shouldn't matter cos you'll get an idea whether you like it or not anyway and buy it once it comes out if you do, right? Right!

New M.I.A. It's messy. Granted, the quality is shit, but I'm pretty excited! I did like her first two albums but after a while there's only so much glitchy kinda craic I can handle. This is a straight up rocking anthem! I love it, although I'm only on my third listen, but ya, reckon it's a keeper!

M.I.A - Born FreeAlt

What makes a mixtape work? I loved the Terry Urban & Gold Coin Santigold Vs. Southern Rap mixtape last year, but the xx vs. Biggie one a few weeks back? Hated it! And it's annoying, I can't put my finger on what I like or don't about any of them, I just do ...or don't.
Anyway, Mos Dub by Max Tannone, the vocals of Mos Def over some classic dub reggae tunes is one of my favourite albums I've heard this year! I don't care if you can call it an album or not or whatever, but I chilled out at home last night, put it on and just chilled on out. It was lovely! And I'd never heard most of the reggae samples before, and though I like what I've heard from Mos Def I wasn't familiar with many of the rhymes used. But it comes together nicely. A tasty old mixtape indeed. You can download the whole thing here

Mos Dub - History TownAlt

And ah, Gogol Bordello, c'mere to me, I'd forgotten about you! And y'know what? You weren't a summer novelty back when I was 16 and saw ye at a festival! Everyone's favourite gypsy-punk lunatics are back with a whopper of an album, Trans Continental Hustle which is out now. All I have for you for the moment is a poor quality mp3, but I'll buy the album tomorrow morning and share one more tune with you over the next day or two. Of course if you like it go out and buy it. This one's a keeper. This song, for anyone who at any stage loved angry-emotional hardcore skatepunk stuff like Pennywise or Bad Religion (music that went hand in hand with dented shins and greasy hair), should knock a bitta nostalgia into you, while also being a whopping good tune!

Gogol Bordello - ImmigraniadaAlt


  1. Oh oh oh, Get Up Stay Down blog have posted a better quality mp3 of MIA's tune than mine, go wild! Good blog too!

  2. Did everyone watch Gogol Bordello on Jimmy Fallon? You can check out the album on their site's widget: