Thursday, February 3, 2011

Calling London # 6 with Anika In London

Anika In London is a London music blog, run by Anika. It looks nice, is full of interesing things to look at, like interviews, comics & photos and is always a good spot to pick up good new music that you've never heard before. For example, I watched this video and decided that any band who can cover Wuthering Heights this well must be amazing. And I checked them out, they're calledTreelight For Sunlight and they're pretty darn good alright. (I may blog about them later)

It's one of those blogs you don't leave feeling like you've done it all. Here's what Anika had to say about London town.

-Favourite Venue?
It was the Luminaire, but since that shut I guess Union Chapel is my favourite place to hear music. I like the Slaughtered Lamb for small shows and SBE isn't too bad for the bigger shows. It's sort of a shame there aren't more awesome independent venues really.

-Clubs and Clubnights, where to go dancing?
Lots of people really like How Does It Feel? I've not been myself.

-Best London bands/artists right now?
Peggy Sue and David Thomas Broughton

-Best thing about music in London?
That lots of bands from the US/Europe tour here

-Any downsides?
There's a lot of incredibly samey music coming out of London, unfortunately.

-Recommend a record store:
Rough Trade of course

-Where's best to find out what's going on?
I just use Songkick/keep an ear out

This ones a keeper, add to your bookmarks/blogroll/to do list.

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