Friday, February 25, 2011

Calling London # 8 with Sheena from What's The Ruckus

What's The Ruckus is a worldwide blog run by a bunch of hip young girls and boys who know their music. From New York, L.A, Tampa, London and elsewhere they devour live music, taking pictures and writing about shows, interviewing bands, reviewing albums, standard blog stuff but done very very well. Check this out:

The Ruckus 2010 in under 60 seconds from melanie on Vimeo.

I contacted Sheena, a London based photographer who takes pictures for the blog. As ever with this feature, if you want to know about music in London, these are the people to ask. Sheena was most helpful, here's what she had to say:

- Favourite Venue?

Small venue ...would have been the Flowerpot until they got closed down. I love their new venue The Wheelbarrow too, but it doesn't quite feel like home yet. Also adored the Luminaire in Kilburn, but again that has been sadly closed (rubbish year for small music venues last year). So in terms of actually still open places, I am going to have to go with the Old Queens Head in Islington. Upstairs they often have great music, it's not too pricey, you can fairly easily get a seat if you want or get to the bar, and they do a stonker of a roast dinner.

- Clubs and Clubnights, where to go dancing?

Proper dancing gladrags west end clubbing stuff is something that scares me shitless, so doesn't tend to happen. So if I fancy a dance I head down to Soundtracks at the Monarch in Camden. They play music from movie soundtracks and it is wonderfully cheesy and always a good laugh. The boys who run it are about to start an even more cheesy pop based night at Underworld in Camden, and I am really excited for that.

In other musical genres, the club night I never miss is Communion at the Nottinghill Arts Club

- Best London bands/artists right now?

Oh jesus, what a question... there are just so many. I'll ignore the bigger bands like laura Marling, Mumford and Sons and all that... cause while they are London bands it feels like they are basically owned by everyone now. I love them but they aren't what you mean here I don't think.

So Ahab, Matthew and the Atlas, Andrew Davie, The Dufflefolks, Spark, Morning Parade (technically from Essex but meh), Kyla La Grange, Marcus Foster, Peggy Sue, Mariners Children.

- Best thing about music in London?

There is so much of it.

- Any downsides?

There is so much of it, haha.

- Recommend a record store:

Without a doubt, Rough Trade East (west is good too but much smaller)

- Where's best to find out what's going on?

The Ruckus? Haha. There are some great blogs like My Band's Better Than Your Band and The Camden Store which have good listings sections. Or bigger ones like TLOBF, Gigwise, and rockfeedback are always good.

Here are a few of my favourites from Sheena's selection.

Dark, gritty folk. Beautiful.

The Mariner's Children - It Carved Your Name Into The Ground by brokensoundmusic

I hear he's so hot right now. I'm kinda liking this folky take on sincere American rock.

Marcus Foster - Shadows Of The City by Stayloose

Beats, riddim, synth, indie vocals. It's very now sounding or something.

The Dufflefolks - Two Hands Clapping

Thanks to Sheena and everyone who's contributed so far. I've loads more on the way, but am always open to suggestions. If you'd like to get involved or even suggest a good venue, clubnight, gig, band/artist/DJ, promoter etc. mail me MAILJOSHCLARKE@GMAIL.COM

(Remember to include MAIL at the start of it cos my poor namesake in the U.S keeps getting my mail)

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