Thursday, February 17, 2011

N-E-W: Girls Names, tUnE yArDs & Siriusmo

The Guardian have a couple of things up on their website today worth checking out. Firstly an article about Richard Russell, head of XL Records and how this label is bucking the trend on music sales and the ethos behind the independent label. Secondly, a guide to this years SXSW festival. You don't need me anymore. Just run off and get lost with great bands you've never listened to.

Girls Names are another fine example of lo-fi/DIY/dirty sounding pop music coming out of Ireland at the moment. Dead To Me is out April 26th on Slumberland Records in the US.

Falling (Twin Peaks Theme) by Girls Names from claire miskimmin on Vimeo.

Girls Names - Seánce on a Wet Afternoon by Slumberland Records

Also worth checking out is Sea Pinks, Neil, Girls Names singers side project. Good listen!

Japanese Knotweed from Sea Pinks on Vimeo.

tUnE-yArDs new single is magic. It has an afro-beat feel to it, wailing vocals, infectious beats, it's an absolute winner. w h o k i l l is out April 19th on 4AD.

TUnE-yArDs - Bizness by 3nipples

James from Scottish Friction was ranting today about bands blatantly ripping other bands sounds off. Hope he doesn't mind bloggers doing it cos I've lifted this from his post. Siriusmo is new to me. He's a German producer, making colourful bips and bleeps dance music. This track is from Mosaik, his new album.

Siriusmo - Goldene Kugel by Scottish Friction


  1. found the rip-off merchants

    it IS a catchy tune though...

  2. It is catchy! The graphics too though, bit much. Someone showed me this last night, this band are getting loads of publicity back in Ireland ... ...Muse much?!