Saturday, February 19, 2011

N-E-W: Of Monsters & Men, Little Majorette & MEN

Family sounding bands, boy-girl vocals, lots of traditional instruments, shouting and celebrations. Where was this when everyone was listening to indie lad rock? Of Monsters And Men are the band, they're from Iceland and were picked up by KEXP back in December.

Of Men And Monsters - Little Talks

When I heard this I thought, why do I like this and not Lily Allen when they're rather similar indie and nearly got cross with myself for being such and indie prat when I realised I actually quite like Lily Allen. It's got jangly 50's piano, dubby bass and the oohs and ahs of Lily or Feist. You might just like it. Give it a go!

Little Majorette are the name of the band and this is the lead single from their debut album, due out in April.

Little Majorette - Overflow

MEN have released their debut album, Talk About Body. It's a cracking debut, a great mix of 80's pop, disco grooves and thick basslines. I wasn't surprised to see that ex-Le Tigre member JD Samson is behind this one given the sound. In saying that I like a few Le Tigre songs but would be interested to hear what real fans think of it.

MEN - Who Am I To Feel So Free (ft. Antony Hegarty)

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