Monday, February 14, 2011

N-E-W: The Depravations

I'd been meaning to blog about The Depravations ever since some-time PGTR blogger, long-time buddy Brian text me on Christmas Day to tell me that his family were listening to them over Christmas dinner. He did this to piss me off as I was listening to some sort of pan-pipe Christmas CD. I would rather have been listening to The Depravations, based purely on one show I'd seen. But in fairness, pan-pipes ain't much competition. So over Christmas I mailed Jay from the and he sent on some mp3's.

David Boland, Otis Liddy, Eoghan McGinley, Hob Junker & Mosey Byrne are their names.
According to them "the general sounds we like come from the 1950s and 1960s, surf music, really old country and blues and 1990s dance music". I'd been waiting to muster up sufficient praise for what is up with the best music I've heard in months. But there I've said it.

Keep an eye out for this band, they're bloody brilliant and if there's any justice in music (though let's face it there's really not) they'll reach some manner of recognition at some stage in the not too distant future. If you like rich sounds, stories, harmonies or in fact anything that makes music pleasant to listen to you'll head on down here, download these mp3's, put on a cup of tea, stick on those big headphones and lie back on the couch soaking up these sounds.

Anyway, Jay sent on a load of mp3's, saying I could use what I like and fook the rest away. I couldn't bring myself to throwing them away. Too good. Here's the lot. It's called the Mosey E.P.

Boys Can Be So Cruel

Not Forgotten

Oh My Love

To The Sea


In The Garden

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