Thursday, February 24, 2011

New ...Gruff Rhys video, TV On The Radio & Elbow cover Sabbath

Yesterday I posted some new Gruff Rhys music. A reader commented on the post about a video Gruff had made to go along with the album where he makes a hotel out of shampoo bottles and other assorted bits he's stolen from hotels over the years. Here it is.

New TV On The Radio! Is it any good? It's every good! Nine Types of Light is out April 8th.

TV on the Radio - Will Do by 1077 The End

The occasional cover slips through the net here at Pop Goes HQ. But only when it's a spectacular and unexpected take on the original by a spectacular band covering the song unexpectedly. The harmonica work makes it spectacular. The usually sweet and rich nature of Elbow taking on the pioneering heavy blues tones of Black Sabbath makes it unexpected. Wonderful all round!

Elbow - The Wizard (Black Sabbath Cover)

Here is some footage of one of the greatest bands of all time.

...and if you're a fan of heavy music, tune into Paul McLoone on Today FM after 7:30, And So I Watch You From Afar have big news. I'm hoping to hear new stuff from their forthcoming second album which I recently learned will be released on Irish post/experimental/math/spazz/atmospheric/instrumental rock uber-label The Richter Collective. Good stuff.

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