Friday, February 18, 2011

N-E-W: Benoit & Sergio, Mi Ami, Dum Dum Girls, Alpines

The New Gay is a great blog. Their single of the day comes from Benoit & Sergio. As they say it's a disaffected vocal feel, but is catchy as hell. It's out now on DFA Records.

Sergio & Benoit - Boy Trouble

Another dancefloor happy track for today comes from Mi Ami. I don’t remember them ever sounding like this but I'm not complaining, it's a classic dance tune. I’m all over it. Dolphins E.P is out March 14th via Thrill Jockey ...heh heh, Miami Dolphins, I just got that.

Mi Ami - Hard Up

I rarely post covers on the blog. I’ve nothing against covers but there’s so much good original new music out that it would be a shame to waste time and space on something that’s already been done. But then someone has the audacity to cover The Smiths, who like The Rollings Stones, The Beatles, Joy Division are kind of untouchable ...unless you’re in a brass band based in the Sahara. Usually a Smiths cover would be a disastrous realisation for a band, that they aren’t quite the cult figures they think they might be, but Dum Dum Girls have nailed it. " die by your siiiiiiiiiiide".

It will appear on the He Gets Me High E.P which is out March 1st.

Dum Dum Girls - "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" (The Smiths) by AwkwardSound

We featured Alpines back in October, since then they've re-recorded the demos we had posted and they're sounding wonderful. Reckon these guys are going to be big. Full sounding, yet eerily minimal with an old school R&B feel to the vocals. Ice & Arrows is immense.

Ice & Arrows (Demo) by Alpines

Drive (Demo) by Alpines

Alpines - Survival by Three New Ideas

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