Friday, February 18, 2011

N-E-W: Retarded Cop ...again

Ok, ok, put down the Radiohead record for a few minutes and listen to some other music. As you may know at 9:30 this morning the new Radiohead album, The King Of Limbs was released, 24 hours earlier than expected. By the time I’d awoken twitter had almost exploded under the weight of music fans trying to get their reviews and opinions as quickly as possible. My favourite comment on the matter was "I'm sure Radiohead is depressed about these reviews, since they obviously make albums for people to listen to once at 9:20 am on a laptop."

But I’ve listened to it. It’s very good. Anyway, time for a band that isn't Radiohead. fact kind of the opposite of Radiohead. It's the profane, piss taking, punk poet ...Retarded Cop!

One of my favourite bands of the past few months, I've blogged about him/them (he's got a band together now) before. It's the perfect antidote to listening to Radiohead for the day. Other suggestions would be the bands I blogged about an hour ago. Here are a few things he's thrown up on his facebook over the past while.

RETARDED COP - I'm going back in time by RETARDED COP

Fucking superstar.

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  1. i'm only sorry i didn't hear this earlier in the day. this is so perfect for working to. i needed this. thanks! :) i feel better.