Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dancefloor Magic Vol. 13

This evening it's business as usual with some beautiful grooves. However do consider what you're getting yourself in for as you hit the dancefloors of the world this evening. Do you trust your DJ not to play up to the loved up celebrating the ridiculous holiday that is St. Valentines Day? Do you trust him/her not to ruin a perfectly good energy with some schmaltzy nonsense? If you're satisfied that your DJ will avoid this trap, then go ahead and dance to your shoes discontent.

...unless you can suggest me some love songs that will tear the floor a new one? Since V-Day is Monday I may do a holiday special of love songs that you can listen to without feeling nauseous.

Zongamin - Bongo Song

Caribou - Melody Day

J.C. Davis - A New Day

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