Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dancefloor Magic Vol. 12

It's Saturday! So a few dancefloor anthems to get your heiny shaking round the kitchen, through the living room and out the door to the discotheque. I will be disco dancing tonight, but since it's a gig I'm booking for a label I'm not going to SHAMELESSLY PROMOTE IT. DJing tomorrow night upstairs in Catch Bar after Lost Chord, Go Panda Go and Dead Red Sun so expect a few Dancefloor Magic tracks and hapes more of whatever comes to mind/is requested on the night.

The Human Beinz - Nobody But Me

Dead Prez - Hip-Hop

...and thanks to my buddy Brian who's been staying in my house this week for recommending this to me ...although twas probably cos he was sick of me constantly playing the Them version. This would make a cracking finisher to a night I reckon.

Patti Smith - Gloria

(I received a DMCA takedown notice for this post but the wise people at blogger decided not to tell me which file the complaint was for so instead of one song going down, all three must come down. Any tech savvy folk who are wise in the ways of blogging, hosting, backing blogs up elsewhere and transferring entire blogs elsewhere with relative ease who'd like to help out please get in contact. I'm getting sick of this nonsense. Google, not evil, but a pain in the balls at times)

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