Monday, February 28, 2011

new: Manchester Orchestra, The Soft Moon, Kauf & Wake Up Lucid

Manchester Orchestra. Nothing groundbreaking, just good rocking indie music ...with beautiful powerful strings. I can see these guys "hitting the bigtime", if this track is any indication of the album to come. That album will be called Simple Math and will be released on May 10th on Favourite Gentlemen Records.

Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra

The Soft Moon's debut album came out in November on Captured Tracks. I missed it then, but I'm making up for it now. It's got a bang of 80's post-punk about it. Erethral, atmospheric pop music with driving basslines. Nothing completely new but a great take on a wonderful time in music.

The Soft Moon - Tiny Spiders by morrisday

I picked this bad boy up from Citizen Dick earlier. Kevin at C.D reckons it's his new favourite song. Apparently it's this Kauf persons first ever song. I love the music world at the moment. Someone can knock a song together and people all over the world can hear it within hours. For all we know he spent the week wondering whether he should try music or real estate and this is just a mess about. But ya, a belter if ever there was one. It's one of my favourites this year too.

*track disabled by request*
Listen Before You Buy is on fire today ...but then when are they not? I've already listened to that Manchester Orchestra tune because of them, and now this, Wake Up Lucid, who play a similar style of balls out rocking blues likely to be heard from Black Keys, White Denim or any of Jack Whites many projects. Check out their debut E.P, Sugar, it's out now and it's fucking spectacular.

Wake Up Lucid - Sugar

Wake Up Lucid - Paint Your Lips


  1. seriously digging the laidback groove of kauf..... you have more tracks to share?

  2. No, it's his first ever song! He doesn't even have more tracks to share apparently.