Wednesday, February 16, 2011

N-E-W: Alex Winston

Before we go any further, I assume you're here to waste some time. Find out about new music of course, but it's a leisurely pursuit. I hope you're not treating it as work. Good. Well here's some fun to be had along side listening to some new music, it's a Lego album covers quiz in todays Telegraph. I shit you not. Awesome much?

Ok, here goes. Alex Winston, where did you come from? I seem to be late to this party but it's a good party. This is infectiously catchy music. Last week I was writing about Foster The People. I said that I understand why I can't hear Squarepusher and Slayer on daytime radio, but why not play good pop music, instead of the usual tawdry shit? With commercial radio stuck in the past, in bed with that sinking ship that is the traditional music industry, I can't see this happening. For the foreseeable future radio play will be dictated by the major labels and that will be that. Although I suppose if you're snooping around independent music blogs you could give a rats ass about Warner and commercial radio. But yes, Alex Winston's Sister Wife is out now digitally, with the physical side of things touching down March 7th. Fun fact: She does vocals for The Knocks.

Sister Wife by Alex Winston

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